Privacy Policy

Hello, and welcome to the site of Floyd A. Carson.

As far as privacy goes, I really don’t want to know much about you. Don’t get me wrong, I really do appreciate my readers and site followers, but my main goal is to simply put out quality content – NOT to track each one of my readers.

I’m not trying to follow you around the internet, we’re not selling anything on our site, and I really don’t ever plan to put ads on this site because I don’t want to clutter it up.

Now, there may be cookies left on your browser after visiting our site, but it is nothing special that we’re doing ourselves. The cookies may be from our web hosting provider or even WordPress because our blog is created with WordPress.

But really, we don’t follow up on any of our customers after they visit our site. We merely hope that you’ve had a pleasant reading experience and that you’ve taken away information you can use in your future.


Floyd A. Carson